Back to the daily routine

Well this is way overdue. The first marking period was extremely slow and tedious. Nova Lab trickled along until we were finally able to start our projects. Unlike my brainstorming blog post, where I believed I might do something with programming, I actually ended up joining a project about mental health.

This projects main goal is to provide resources to our school for kids with mental health issues. With this, we plan on having anonymous testimonials about people’s experiences with mental health. We want to have people from our school share their experiences, which would hopefully encourage other users to seek help. On top of this, outlining resources for kids to use, directing them to medical professionals to ensure that they can find help.

I’m really looking forward to this project. I feel like this is one thing that I can do that will actually help people and make a difference. I’m working with two seniors on this project, one of whom is the project lead. If this project succeeds, I would take on the burden of continuing the project. This would then, provided that the project is actually successful, look great for things like college, and might even provide an interesting career.

I look forward to continually updating my blog with how the project is going.

Until next time,

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