A Story of Procrastination: Weekly Reflection

First week back from break and we’re already starting to finish things right before deadlines. Our research is coming along nicely, but we are really waiting until the last second to get all of it done before the deadline (Friday 12/6).

This past week has been a struggle getting back into the swing of things. Come off of Thanksgiving break, the workflow had stagnated, with the overall goals of the project seeming out of grasp. I focused on getting the website started, so we had immediate progress and something to build off of. This went pretty well. I got the basic design of the website sketched out on paper, then I finished the homepage design online. Currently, I’m in the process of getting a domain for the website, as well as designing the individual disease pages. We also have a logo being made by another member of our team.

This was the basic overview of the week, I look forward in getting back to you with the progress report after we present for class.

Until next week,

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