Pouring through documents, websites and journals – November Reflection

Over the past week, my project has made lots of progress. On Tuesday, we went to the Flux Space, which is a spaced designed specifically for work flow. Here, we flushed out the ideas for the website. If you’d like to read about the Flux Space, my teacher wrote a thrilling blog right here.

We pushed back the original launch date of the website, to give us more time to flesh out the overall details of the website. We want very specific resources, so that anyone who wants to talk to someone immediately has the resources to do this. We’re currently looking to have either an in-site extension that opens up to a text chat, or some way to redirect to another platform that offers this service. We believe that a text chatroom would allow for people to discuss their mental issues with another human easily.

We are taking inspiration from the official project semicolon website, as our group leader was inspired to make a version of it for our school, due to it being blocked on our school WiFi.

I look forward to reporting on my progress every week from now on. Though with the current workflow that I have, posts may be irregular.

Until next time,
Tom Schollenberger

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